Get Tarql latest releases from the dowloads page of the project.

Tarql runs on both Windows and Unix systems. It runs locally in a single machine — all you need is to have java version 1.8 or above installed on your system, and configure PATH, or the JAVA_HOME environment variables pointing to the Java installation.

Building from Source Code

Get the code from by forking the Tarql GitHub Project.

~$ git clone

Tarql uses Maven and there is an assember.xml file to package the code. To create executable scripts for Windows and Unix:

~$ mvn clean install -DskipTests

By doing that you will generate the folder /target/appassembler/bin/ which contains the executables.

Running the Examples

To run the examples you need to first create the executable scripts as explained in last point.

~$ cd tarql/target/appassembler
~$ sh bin/tarql --ntriples ../../examples/sample-2.sparql ../../examples/TechCrunchcontinentalUSA.csv

Code Documentation

Java documentation is also available here.


Mailing list: tarql-mailing-list
Group email:

Reporting Issues

If you’d like to report a bug in Tarql or ask for a new feature, open an issue on the Tarql GitHub Project. For general usage help, you should email the user mailing list.

Contribute Code

You can contribute to the project submitting GitHub pull requests. Start by opening an issue for your change on the Tarql GitHub Project (and make sure to search whether there is an existing issue). Please use descriptive names in your pull requests. You can always check the code in the repository.

Currently there are some points in the TO DO list listed below:

  • Writing to file instead of stdout
  • Allow feeding of triples from RDF files into the mapping process
  • Optionally generate VoID/PROV triples
  • Find a way of producing consistent blank nodes from strings (esp. in multiple CONSTRUCT clauses)
  • Find a way of using the table multiple times, e.g.: { { SELECT ?author1 { TABLE } } UNION { SELECT ?author2 { TABLE } } }
  • Handle tables where repeated values within a column are omitted, maybe tarql:valueFromPreviousRow(?a))
  • Support Excel files?
  • Read input from stdin?
  • Web service?

Last Update: May 03, 2019